Infinitive (Kata Kerja Invinitive atau Verb-1)


Infinitive atau Kata Kerja Dasar atau STEM atau juga disebut VERB-1 dibagi menjadi dua : TO INFINITIVE dan INFINITIVE WITHOUT TO.

TO INFINITIVE misalnya : to go, to read, to come, to learn, to play, etc.

INFINITIVE WITHOUT TO misalnya : go, read, come, learn, play, etc.

INFINITIVE memiliki beberapa bentuk sebagai berikut :

To + Verb-1, misalnya To know me is To love me.

Not to + Verb-1, misalnya She wants me not to go.

To be + Verb-3, misalnya The manager wanted the report to be printed soon.

The Use OF Infinitive

1). Sebagai SUBYEK

  • Contoh :

- To Know me is to love me.

- To live is to struggle.

- To love is to sacrifice.

2). Untuk keterangan tujuan, sifat, benda atau clause (anak kalimat) yang dimulai dengan (Wh-/How word)

  • Contoh  :

- Ramli went to the USA TO CONTINUE his study.

- That women is too busy TO THINK OF herself.

- We have alot of English story books TO READ.

- I don’t know what TO SAY.

3). Setelah Objek Kata Kerja berikut ini :

ASK (minta)

- I ask Shinta to come to a seminar.

AGREE (setuju)

- We all agree to find a way out.

ARRANGE (berencana)

- I arrange to meet Cyntia in the cafe.

APPEAR (nampak)

- That Girl appears not to know the metter.

AFFORD (mengusahakan)

- Mr. Simon can not afford to build a good house.

DECIDE (memutuskan)

- I have decide to apply for a position

ENABLE (memungkinkan)

- This tool enables us to enter this room

ENCOURAGE (mendorong)

- My father encourage me to take the chance.

EXPECT (berharap)

- I expect to be admitted in the University Entrance Examination

FAIL (gagal)

- Agatha failed to get a scholarship to study abroad

FORCE (memaksa)

- The man forces all of us to make a riot

HOPE (berharap)

- The workers hope the government to solve their problems

LEARN (belajar)

- I was twenty when I learned to drive a car.

INVITE (mengundang)

- US Ambassador invites us to attend a party at his office

INTEND (bermaksud)

- I intend to free you from punishment

KNOW (tahu)

- You must know how to aperate this machine.

OFFER (menawarkan)

- May I offer you a chance to start a business ?

ORDER (memerintahkan)

- General Mc Arthur ordered the troops to keep alert.

PERMIT (mengizinkan)

- The rules do not permit you to smoke here

PROMISE (berjanji)

- I promise to study harder to rech my goal

PERSUADE (membujuk)

- The doctor persuaded my daughter to take syrup again.

REMIND (mengingatkan)

- Please remind me to prepare my seminar kits.

REFUSE (menolak)

- He refused to be involved in the Bali bombing.

SEEM (nampak)

- This country seems to be peaceful.

THREATEN (mengancam)

- The terrorists threatened to blow up air pane.

TELL (beritahu)

- Tell her not to leave her house 10.00 p.m.

TEND (cenderung)

- The condition tends to be calm

TEACH (mengajari)

- Mirnawati teaches us to play piano

WARN (mengingatkan)

- The police warn us not to enter the forest at night

WANT (ingin)

- I want you to stay here until tomorrow.

WOULD LIKE (ingin)

- I would like you to be rich and happy


(lebih suka)

- I would prefer to have lunch now


(‘d love= mau)

- I’d love to live in Timika Papua

The Use Of Infinitive Without (Tanpa) To

INVINITIVE Without (tanpa) TO digunakan sbb :

1). Setelah Can-Could, May-Maight, Must-Have/Has/Had to, Shall-Should, Will-Would,

  • Contoh

- I can COME with you

- We must TRY again

- You should STAY here until everything is all right.

2).  Setelah kata Kerja : LET, MAKE, dan HELP,

  • Contoh

- The cops let the demonstrators ENTER the parlementary building.

- That letter has made the girl CRY.

- Help me MOVE this table, please

Sumber : Slamet Riyanto, English Tests For Senior High School Students, Pustaka Pelajar ; Yogyakarta, 2006.

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